Skeem Saam’s Innocent Sadiki on her ‘cunning’ character in The Throne: ‘She’s very different from me’

  • Innocent Sadiki is featured in The Throne now streaming on Netflix.
  • Sadiki plays the character of Mahlatse in the movie, which was shot in 2018.
  • According to her, executing the character took “a lot” from her.

Her on-screen character as Sthoko on SABC 1’s edutainment drama Skeem Saam might be sweet and kind, but it was executing her character as Mahlatse on Netflix’s The Throne that took “a lot” from her.

News24 caught up with the other half of the Cent Twins – as she and her twin, Millicent, have dubbed themselves – while she got her nails done to find out more about her character, the movie and how she felt when she found the movie was streaming on Netflix.

The movie, shot in 2018, tells the story of the two sons of a powerful Pedi chief who fight for control of their father’s kingdom. The Throne was filmed in Hammanskraal, in Pretoria, at the African Cave Lodge.

The Throne is a film based on two brothers who are looking to take over the reins after their father is killed,” Sadiki said. “I am the wife to one of the brothers who is an amazing person but becomes so evil.”


The master’s degree holder said her character was instrumental in her husband becoming “evil”.

“She’s quiet, but she carries so much power and authority. She’s an underdog in the family who is hungry for power but does not show it,” Sadiki said. “She’s also a mastermind; she is literally the agent behind her husband’s thoughts and ideas.”

Despite her character’s cunning nature, she added that Mahlatse was also “completely” in love with her husband.

“I think that’s the only similarity between Mahlatse and Innocent,” the Pastors Wives star said. “She really loves her husband, and she’s so obsessed about her husband. That’s all I could relate and connect to on a deeper level.”

Sharing more about gettng into character, Sadiki said, “I’m completely different from Mahlatse, so it took a lot [of me] in terms of characterisation because I literally had to tap into her. She’s so different – the way she carries herself, her posture, her style is so different.”

She described her experience working on the movie as “really awesome”.

“It was awesome because I worked with legends,” Sadiki said. “It was a beautiful experience. We were away for some time, about a month, filming the movie so we grew to become a family, a close-knit family.”

The presenter also revealed that finding out that the movie was streaming on Netflix surprised her.

“Sipho called to tell me, and when I checked, I was like, ‘wow, this is great’,” she said.

Sadiki added that the movie being available on Netflix allowed her to cross boundaries she always wanted to, and that patience and persistence in the industry paid off.

The Throne is available to stream on Netflix