Six years on, high school sweethearts tie the knot in stunning intimate wedding for 50

Mpho Durand and Brendan Durand. Photographed by Onesto Studios

Mpho Durand and Brendan Durand. Photographed by Onesto Studios Onesto studios

  • A Joburg couple who met in high school, became friends later in life and recently tied the knot share their beautiful day,
  • The couple dated for six years before getting married in an intimate Haarties wedding with 50 guests.
  • After getting married the couple moved to Cape Town.

Meet 24-year-old Mpho Mazibuko Durand and 27-year-old Brenden Durand who met at Hill high school in Johannesburg, through Mpho’s friend who was like a little sister to Durand. The couple wasn’t fond of each other upon meeting until years later when they began a friendship that built up to them becoming romantic partners. The couple then dated for six years before they tied the knot.

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“It took us six years of courting with strong mentorship before getting married,” Mpho says. What convinced the couple to take the next step in their relationship were the things they appreciate about each other and their shared love of sweets.

“It was Brenden’s ability to care of someone and be protective over them and his willingness to never give up on something he has decided on, even in a relationship. His commitment is the most beautiful thing to me,” Mpho adds.

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For Brenden, it was Mpho’s love and humility that sealed the deal for him. Brenden proposed on his birthday in 2020, after convincing her to plan his birthday dinner in Melrose Arch. Mpho bought Brenden a couple of gifts for his birthday including a cake that was written, “You are five years from 30” but little did she know she was five minutes from being engaged. After the gift exchange, the couple and their friends went to the balcony for speeches to the birthday guy.

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“As he was saying his speech on the balcony I was touched by the whole ordeal, but at the back of my head I was like ‘today isn’t the day’ because he said during his speech, ‘one day I will propose,’” Mpho says. She also added that her expectations were quite low because the speech sounded like a gesture and not an actual proposal, but to her surprise, it was the very same night he went on one knee.

“When he got on one knee it all clicked that he was proposing and I felt a little betrayed because everyone kind of knew but I was so shocked, scared and happy,” Mpho says.

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Initially, the couple wanted to get married six months after the engagement but upon realizing that financially it may be difficult, they set a financial goal. After meeting their goal, they tied the knot with 50 special guests at Red Ivory, in Hartbeespoort. Mpho had two wedding gowns, one from a designer named Emmanuel who is also a friend of hers, and the reception dress was from a local store.

Her bridesmaids wore dresses by Guarnieri Atelier. The couple hope the years of their marriage will represent what a Godly marriage is meant to look like, despite their failures and flaws. They also hope to grow as individuals and as a couple. The couple has moved to Cape Town started their life together.