Beauty, Hair and Health in Pretoria

Spoil yourself today by booking in a beauty salon for your indulgence. Pretoria, South Africa is bursting at the seams with a variety of world class and award winning beauty salons. The beauty salons consist have highly skilled beauticians and beauty therapists who will leave you looking and feeling great.


Hairvolution in Pretoria

Hairvolution is an environment where we effortlessly take care of the comfort of our clients. We pledge to provide, you the client, the finest hair care service. For you to enjoy a warm, relaxed, and refined ambience. This experience will saturate your senses, instil well-being and fulfil your unexpressed wishes and needs.
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Le Chic Beauty Clinic

Le Chic Beauty Clinic in Pretoria

Le Chic Beauty Clinic was founded in 1983 by Paula Bhana, who still runs the beauty salon today. Her passion for the industry is unmatched and is in fact, part of her DNA. Over the years Paula has mentored countless number of students by offering soft skills training, as well as allowing them the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience. It is her firm belief that giving back is vital to the growth of the industry in South Africa.
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Sweet Face

Sweet Face in Pretoria

Sweet Face is a unique haven in Brooklyn, Pretoria, where you are able to experience the profound benefit of relaxation,
increases flexibility, the flow of energy, and peripheral stimulation of internal organs, through the use of the ancient provenbtechniques of Thai Massage. Thai Massage is the application of pressure on the ten sen sop prana pathways of the energy body, combined with a vast array of passive stretching movements, performed by highly skilled therapists...
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